Randolf Schärfig

20170608 134606
+41 58 666 4812
Institute of Computational Science
Faculty of Informatics
Via Giuseppe Buffi 13
6900 Lugano

Randolf Schaerfig

PostDoc fellow, group Prof. Krause

I am scientific researcher at the Institute of Computational Science (head: Prof. Rolf Krause), working on energy research in the Swiss SCCER FURIES and in computational cardiology in the Center for Computational Medicine in Caridology (heads: Prof. Angelo Auricchio, Prof. Rolf Krause). I am working on mesh registration of patient specific meshes and 3D-Atlas-based models My research interest is the improvement of patient specific treadment.



The project deals with visualization the electric grid on top of the geographic map, showing data regarding the powerflow in the grid.


The project is about computing the electric activation signals on the heart. The goal is to compute this electric signals not just on a given standard mesh, but instead computing it on the mesh that is taken directly from a patient. This patient specific computation will then allow for a better prediction of heart problems and help in the process of ablation to prevent further damage.



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