Seif Ben Bader

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Institute of Computational Science
Faculty of Informatics
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Seif Ben Bader

PhD Student, Prof. Krause Group 

I graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) with an MSc of Computational Science and Engineering (2016), after achieving a BSc in Mathematics. I then joined the ICS and the research group of Prof. Krause in January 2017, for all the exciting challenges it tackles. My interests cover a wide range of fields, such as Finite Elements Methods, High Performance Computing and Computer Vision.

Thesis: "Uncertainty Quantification in Cardiac Electrophysiology"

 Conductivity parameter for the heart cells is a crucial parameter in investigating cardiac problems. One can understand this value as an indicator of good propagation of the electrical potential inside the cardiac tissue. When such a value is low in some region, this can be interpreted as a presence of infarcted areas or even dead heart cells.

Such a parameter is determined through the patient clinical data, by matching them with the electrophysiolical equation in a reverse engineering way. However, one should care about the small noise perturbations occuring from measurments or the model precision.

My thesis deals about the uncertainty quantification of the conductivity parameter. This is done through a Multi-Level Monte-Carlo (MLMC) study modelling a random field perturbation based on the Karhunen-Loewe expansion. For this purpose, an efficient model solver is to be developped, allowing for a hundreds of thousands of samples to terminate in a reasonable time. We are therefore combining multigrid techniques with space-time adaptivity resolution.  


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