Stefano Raniolo

Institute of Computational Science
Faculty of Informatics
Via Giuseppe Buffi 13
6900 Lugano

Stefano Raniolo

PhD candidate, Group of Prof. Limongelli

Stefano Raniolo held his Bachelor and Master Degree in Chemistry at the university of Rome "Tor Vergata". In both his theses, he focused in the use of molecular dynamics simulations to tackle several biological problems, ranging from the study of peptide clusters (to prevent the formation of amyloids, found in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease) to the analysis of protein interactions, important in few diseases and in the proliferation of cancer cells.

Currently, he is working in the group of Prof. Dr. Vittorio Limongelli on the regulation of autophagy in mammals cells, a process which is getting more and more interesting for the scientific community.














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