Pietro Benedusi

+41 58 666 4972
Institute of Computational Science
Faculty of Informatics
Via Giuseppe Buffi 13
6900 Lugano

Pietro Benedusi

Postdoc researcher

Group “High-Performance Methods for Numerical Simulation in Science, Medicine and Engineering”


I have worked on novel approaches to speed up simulations in computational medicine, fluid dynamics and astrophysics. In particular, studying and developing parallel space-time solution strategies to solve non-linear PDEs.


The solution of a time-periodic flow in a rectangular channel with an external perturbation (in red). This solution is computed with a space-time multigrid solver fully in parallel  (details here).



ring_sol.png                 mono_final.png      


Left: solution of a diffusion problem on a complex geometry using 4D space-time multigrid. Right: solution of a non-linear reaction-diffusion problem arising from computational electrophysiology using 4D space-time multigrid. 



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