Dr. Cyrill von Planta


Von Planta Cyrill02
+41 (0) 58 666 49 73
Institute of Computational Science
Faculty of Informatics
Via Giuseppe Buffi 13
6900 Lugano

Dr. Cyrill von Planta


Project: ML2 - Multilevel and Domain Decomposition Methods for Machine Learning (SNF, role: project partner)

The project "ML2 - Multilevel and Domain Decomposition for Machine Learning" transfers ideas from multilevel methods, in particular multigrid (MG), and domain decomposition (DD) to machine learning.


Project: "Modelling permeability and stimulation for deep heat mining" (part of NRP 70 "Energy Turnaround", role: PhD student).

Geothermal energy is part of the Energy turnaround 2050. Our focus is to understand better the geophysical processes in what is usually referred to as "heat reservoir". This is an area of fractured granitic rock in 4-5 kilometers depth, which in abstract terms relates to a multibody contact problem with friction, an inherently nonlinear problem. Our task in the project is to facilitate the solution of these problems by providing a class of better nonlinear solvers for the frictional contact problem.


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