USI and ALGO4U for INTERREG Italy-Switzerland


The Interreg V-A Italy-Switzerland cooperation program 2014-2020 contributes to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy; to this end, it identifies objectives, priorities, expected results and actions in line with the Community Regulations, with the New Swiss Regional Policy (NRP) and on the basis of the needs common to both sides of the border.
The MMM project (Medical Mockup Modeling) create 3D medical mockups starting from 2D images. USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana - Swiss leader) and ALGO4U will develop an algorithm and software for capturing and converting 3D images of "cardiac imaging" 2D images that will come from hospitals.
Medical Mockup Modeling (MMM) has been granted in the framework of Interreg 2017, and the first focus will be on the circulatory apparatus with particular attention to the heart since MMM interfaces with the Interreg ICCACI project (proposed by AREU and TicinoCuore who have worked on cardiac arrests). CE ADVICE will carry out the creation phase of CRM and CSM for the encrypted management of data, information, 2D and 3D images. TECHINNOVA (Italian leader), thanks to its fablab will develop a laboratory dedicated to the study of materials and printing techniques together with FABLAB CASACORSINI of Modena, through the use of PLA and SLA printers both with known materials and with realized polymers ad hoc for the project. MTM, through virtual processing techniques in section 3D images to then assemble new mockups based on specific requests that will be commissioned gradually by hospitals and medical schools. CNR will carry out a comparative analysis of the mockups based on the chosen 3D printing parameters. Finally, HFI will take care of the system integration phase by creating a web-based exchange of information. 
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