What do medicine, finance, drug design, weather prediction, engineering, and social networks have in common? These and many other critical processes are managed using algorithms. The next generation of leaders, practitioners, and researchers will sit at the intersection of mathematics, data science, numerical simulation, algorithmic analysis, and high performance computing. 
USI’s Master in Computational Science trains this next generation by molding powerful, application oriented competencies in mathematics, informatics, and statistics. Over the course of two years, MCS students will develop cutting edge computational techniques, and apply them across a variety of disciplines such as medicine, machine learning, geoengineering, finance, mechanical engineering and many more.
The MCS is recommended for students with a background in engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, and computer science. MCS graduates are well prepared and highly sought after for careers in industry and research.
The Master can also be undertaken as part of a double degree with INSUBRIA (Como/Varese, Italy) or FAU (Erlangen, Germany). Double degree students will be complemented by the educational, cultural, and industrial opportunities at these dynamic centers of excellence in mathematics and computational engineering.
Students in the double degree pay only tuition fees at their home institution.
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