ParMoonolith - parallel intersection detection and transfer of discrete fields

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Free for academic purposes with the condition that any derived work cites the related paper Not free for commmercial use. For commercial purposes please contact the developer

An essential ingredient for the discretization and numerical solution of coupled multi-physics or multi-scale problems are stable and efficient techniques for the transfer of discrete fields between non-matching volume or surface meshes. ParMoonolith allows for the transfer of discrete fields between unstructured volume and surface meshes, which can be arbitrarily distributed among different processors. No a priori information on the relation between the different meshes is required. This inherently parallel approach is general in the sense that it can deal with both classical interpolation and variational transfer operators, e.g., the L2-projection and the pseudo-L2-projection.

It includes a parallel search strategy, output dependent load balancing, and the computation of element intersections, as well as the parallel assembling of the algebraic representation of the respective transfer operator.


Zulian Patrick; ICS;

Krause Rolf; ICS;

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