Solving unsymmetric sparse systems of linear equations with PARDISO

Schenk, Olaf; Gaertner, Klaus
Supernode partitioning for unsymmetric matrices together with complete block diagonal supernode pivoting and asynchronous computation can achieve high gigaflop rates for parallel sparse LU factorization on shared memory parallel computers. The progress in weighted graph matching algorithms helps to extend these concepts further and unsymmetric prepermutation of rows is used to place large matrix entries on the diagonal. Complete block diagonal supernode pivoting allows dynamical interchanges of columns and rows during the factorization process. The level-3 BLAS efficiency is retained and an advanced two-level left--right looking scheduling scheme results in good speedup on SMP machines. These algorithms have been integrated into the recent unsymmetric version of the PARDISO solver. Experiments demonstrate that a wide set of unsymmetric linear systems can be solved and high performance is consistently achieved for large sparse unsymmetric matrices from real world applications
Type of Publication:
Future Generation Computer Systems
475 - 487
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