Task-Queue Based Hybrid Parallelism: A Case Study

F├╝rlinger, Karl; Schenk, Olaf; Hagemann, Michael
In this paper we report on our experiences with hybrid parallelism in PARDISO, a high-performance sparse linear solver. We start with the OpenMP-parallel numerical factorization algorithm and re-organize it using a central dynamic task queue to be able to add message passing functionality. The hybrid version allows the solver to run on a larger number of processors in a cost effective way with very reasonable performance. A speed-up of more than nine running on a four-node quad Itanium 2 SMP cluster is achieved in spite of the fact that a large potential to minimize MPI communication is not yet exploited in the first version of the implementation.
Type of Publication:
In Proceedings
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
Book title:
proceedings of the European Conference on Parallel Processing
624 - 631
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