Group Horenko

Current research staff

group horenko
    • Prof. Dr. Illia Horenko (Head)
    • Dr. Philipp Metzner (currently working on inverse problems in fluid mechanics and their HPC-implementation, funded from the German DFG research initiative MetStroem),
    • Dr. Susanne Gerber (working on problems from computational systems biology and bioinformatics, funded from HP2C USI Lugano corp. funds),
    • Dr. Olga Kaiser (working on mathematical methods for non-stationary analysis and data-based prediction of extreme events),
    • Dipl.-Math. Lars Putzig (working on inverse problems from computational finance and risk theory, funded from the corporate funds of the USI faculty of informatics),
    • Dipl.-Inf. Dimitri Igdalov (working on data-based identification of temporal changes in very large graphs and HPC implementation of time series analysis methods library developed in the group, funded from the SNF-project AnaGraph),
    • Dipl.-Math. Jana de Wiljes (working on data-based parameter identification for non-stationary and non-homogenous percolation models and Ising models with application to Arctic ice shield modeling based on satellite data, funded by the interdisciplinary research centre GeoSim of the German Helmholtz-foundation in Berlin),
    • M.Sc. Anna Marchenko (working on mathematical modeling of credit and equity risk beyond homogeneity and stationarity assumptions: statistical factor models and high-performance data mining).


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