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Computational Medicine and Life Sciences, Computational Science and Engineering

The project AV-FLOW aims at developing a software library for the Life Science domain science net-work. AV-FLOW is a numerical library for the solution of fluid-structure interaction problems using hybrid meshes (structured for the fluid and unstructured for the soft tissue). More specifically, this project will address the simulation of the hemodynamics of aortic heart valves which is a hot topic in the field of cardiovascular engineering. Despite this focus on one particular application, the resulting numerical library will be widely applicable for more general problems of biomedical research. This library will be written and optimized for new and emerging supercomputing infrastructure with hy-brid multi-core processors including accelerators such as GPUs. It responds directly to the need for efficient simulation tools for biomedical flow problems. For example, it will allow in-silico studies and testing of novel diagnostic and interventional methods in the fields of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

The proposed scientific approach is based on existing numerical models which deliver the proof-of-concept for the combination of a structured fluid solver with an unstructured soft tissue solver. 

Fluid Solver: IMPACT deveoped by R. Henniger and Dominik Obrist

Solid Solver: PASSO developed at the Institute of Computational Science.

The coupling between the two software is done through MOONoLith where the L2 projection method is implemented.









Professor Dominik Obrist; ; PI; ARTORG CENTER

Prof. Dr. Rolf Krause ; ; Co-PI; ICS


PhD Maria Nestola; ; Collaborator; ICS

Mr. Barna Becsek; ; Collaborator; ARTORG CENTER

Mr. Hadi Zolfaghari; ; Collaborator; ARTORG CENTER



3 years
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