PiAnO: Pre-operative 3D evaluation and operative simulation of pericoxal osteotomies (PAO)

Research area

During the last decades, virtual surgical planning has gained increasingly attention in scientific and medical research as well as in clinical practice. In fact, three dimensional imaging techniques in combination with numerical simulation and the huge computing power of modern computers nowadays allows for supporting surgeons in the pre-operative planning phase as well as in the choice of the surgical strategy.

It is the goal of the application oriented project PiAnO to provide an integrated tool for the pre-operative planning and evaluation of periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) and of intertrochanteric osteotomy (IO) or more generic proximal femoral ostetotomy (PFO). In order to ensure clinical usability, we aim at a reduced and minimal user interface in combination with very specific functionality. PiAnO is explicitely designed for the experienced surgeon as a “virtual” surgical instrument.


Prof. Dr. Kaj Klaue; PI

Prof. Dr. Rolf Krause; ; PI; ICS Institute of Computational Science

Prof. Dr. Guoyan Zheng; PI; University of Bern


Mr. Benedikt Thelen; ; Project Manager; ICS Institute of Computational Science


Sergio Mantegazza Foundation;

3 years
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